General Election 2017: Liverpool and Wirral candidates revealed

The candidates to stand for election in Liverpool and Wirral areas have been confirmed ahead of polling day on 8th of June.


Garston and Halewood: Adam Marsden (Conservative); Lawrence Brown (Green); Maria Eagle (Labour) and Anna Martin (Liberal Democrat.

Wavetree: Denise Haddad (Conservative); Ted Grant (Green); Luciana Berger (Labour); Richard Kemp (Liberal Democrat) and Adam Heatherington (Independent).

Walton: Laura Evans (Conservative); Colm Feeley (Green); Dan Carden (Labour); Kris Brown (Liberal Democrat) and Terry May (Independent).

West Derby: Paul Richardson (Conservative); Will Ward (Green); Stephen Twigg (Labour); Steve Radford (Liberal); Paul Parr (Liberal Democrat); Graham Hughes (Independent).

Riverside: Pamela Hall (Conservative); Stephanie Pitchers (Green); Louise Ellman (Labour) and Tom Sebire (Liberal Democrat).



Wirral West: Tony Caldeira (Conservative); John Coyne (Green); Margaret Greenwood (Labour) and Peter Reisdorf (Liberal Democrat).

Wirral South: Andy Livsey (Conservative); Lily Clough (Green); Angela Eagle (Labour); Paul Childs (Liberal Democrat); Debbie Caplin (UKIP).

Wallasey: Adam Sykes (Conservative); Mandi Roberts (Green); Alison McGovern (Labour) and Chris Carubia (Liberal Democrat).

Birkenhead: Stewart Gardiner (Conservative); Jayne Clough (Green); Frank Field (Labour) and Allan Brame (Liberal Democrat).




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